The faces behind Diod.design

We’re engineers who appreciate the power of music and it’s role in our world. After building our earliest and most basic music reactive lighting, we saw a sense of wonder and joy in the people who saw it. Since then, our technology has evolved, as well as the emotions that we evoke by making music a multi-sensory experience. Our mission is to bring a new excitement to people’s favorite music.


Dan Haber

Dan is the Founder and Creative Director of diod.design. During his studies as an Aerospace Engineer at the University of Maryland, he became obsessed with making LEDs react to music. This passion has evolved from a dorm room project to what is now Diod.design. Before starting this company, Dan worked as an aerospace engineer at NASA in satellite operations. His methodology combines his deep knowledge of hardware, systems controls, and digital audio technology.


Grant Barrett

Grant’s role within diod.design is somewhere at the crossroads between ‘Engineering’ and ‘Business.’ He received an Aerospace Engineering degree from the University of Maryland and currently works in mission operations at NASA. Music has always played a very important role in Grant’s life. Diod.design is where his passions for music and engineering harmoniously meet.


Victoria Mitchell

Victoria is a Brand Director and Designer at Diod.design. Her interest in product design and psychology began during her studies as a Biomedical Engineer at Vanderbilt University, where she worked on alarm silencing technology to help improve patient outcomes in intensive care unit (ICU) settings. Before diod.design, Victoria worked as an engineer and product designer in healthcare, fintech, and digital media. As a dancer, bassist, and mediocre DJ, Victoria has always felt an intense connection to music.