7.2019 - 3.2020


Beatbox is a new dimension where music takes over and fills your periphery vision. An “infinity box” with an open bottom sits on supports to allow participants to duck inside and enter this intimate experience. Beatbox features 5, 4’x4′ polycarbonate mirrors for near-perfect quality reflection, 4 vertical LED strands, and a Ducenti purchased from Evil Genius Labs and re-programmed.

It stands about 9′ tall, and is 4′ wide by 4′ deep, allowing up to 4 people to be inside at one time comfortably.

Beatbox was debuted for one day at Catharsis on the Mall in downtown DC on May 4, 2019. On July 17, 2019, it was installed at Wunder Garten in DC where it has remained, providing a hidden gem that gives nothing away on the outside.

Do you want Beatbox at your next event or business? Let us know!