Goethe Institut Grand Opening Party

When the Goethe Institut in Washington, DC moved to an amazing new office in November 2019, a party was in store. They put special programming on during the day, and hosted live music and a DJ at night, all open to the public. With floor to ceiling windows overlooking a busy 14th Street, there had to be something there to entice people walking by, something that showed off the great time in store.

Enter Diod.design, with our custom double-sided pillars of light that displayed a german flag by day, and hooked up to the DJ’s music at night. We also created their logo with LED neon, on a large 4’x4′ footprint. And of course the logo also visualized the DJ’s music.

Both the pillars and the logo were controllable through WiFi, so Goethe Institut’s staff could change their colors, patterns, brightnesses, and music-reactivity through their phones.

One highlight of the night was when the DJ played the song 99 Luftballoons, and through the WiFi control panel, we made all 8 pillars a solid bright red. Our lights helped create an incredible party atmosphere and kept it going until finally a noise complaint put a cap on the office warming party.