Created for music lovers.

Coming Summer 2021!

Contact us today to join the Beta team – shipping in April/May

– Elevate your home or office into a captivating space with Vortex music visualizer

– Sound Sensing Technology transposes 16 audio frequencies into immersive light patterns

– Beat detection and infinity mirrors creates an endless expanse of awe and wonder

– Allow Automatic Beat Detection (ABD) mode to put on a show or use our app to manually select patterns

– 9″ diameter x 4” depth portal to the next dimension

– View music and movies like never before, using either the microphone or aux port

– Vortex combines 968 LED lights with top-of-the-line mirrors and premium wood 

– Comes ready to mount it on the wall or dance on a table

Transforming music into visual masterpieces.


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VORTEX is a state-of-the-art music visualizer that transforms audio data into beautiful light shows that compliment your living room.

Designed to be elegant and easy to use, audio data can be provided via aux or microphone, and mounting options include a swivel mount or a table stand.

Use our app to change the settings, or let automatic sensing create the full show, unique to every song.

Add two mirrors and we’ve created an endless portal that transforms in-home entertainment.

We hope you enjoy your Vortex as much as we do.

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Additional information


Wood, Mirrors, LEDs


9" Diameter x 4" Depth


Power cable, aux cables, wall mount


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