Ongoing Forever

Stone Fort Infinity Mirror

The Stone Fort Infinity Mirror does an amazing job visualizing music with its design of overlapping squares. To find out more about its name, please scroll down below the videos.

The design provides for many different regions where the lows, mids, and highs can be represented with light, in a wide range of patterns. To accentuate the lows, the backbone of a song, they’re often represented in large middle area, while the mids and highs take the next regions outwards, respectively.

It’s an absolute blast to watch your music on one of these infinity mirrors.

The Name “Stone Fort”

The design was created after googling “designs to draw without picking pen up” since that’s essentially what an LED strip has to do. A couple years later while on a hike at Harpers Ferry in West Virginia, Founder Dan Haber found a historical information sign that showed the design of a critical civil war mountain-top fort, called Stone Fort. Amazed that this design had been used over 150 years ago for a critically strategic union fort, Dan decided to lend its name to his infinity mirror.