12.2019 - 3.2020

The Polar Tunnel

The Polar Tunnel is a lighting installation that brings life to a temporary winter tunnel. Wunder Garten in Washington, DC approached Diod.design and asked for their Winterfest tunnel to be a special, immersive, and interactive place for their patrons, so that’s what we created for them.

Our lights use an embedded microphone to continuously monitor the sound in the tunnel, and transform it to light. A spectrum analyzer pattern is displayed, which shows activity in 8 different frequencies, from low on the left to high on the right. As patrons of Wunder Garten walk through the tunnel, they interact with the lights with their voices, and they greatly enjoyed the unique experience. We also displayed a non-sound reactive lighting scheme at times that cycled through the Winterfest colors in a beautiful way.

This installation creates is own WiFi network, and allows the managers at Wunder Garten to turn it on and off, control the brightness of the LEDs, the pattern being displayed, the audio reactivity levels, and the colors.