We create LED music visualizers that transform your favorite songs into visual masterpieces.

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Perfect for attracting customers and giving them an experience that will leave them beaming.

    • Plug in an Aux cable and qube does the rest
    • An app allows the user to control patterns / colors if needed
    • Collapsible 8’x8’x8′ cube allows for easy transport and setup
    • 512 LED balls capable of displaying the depths of the color spectrum
    • 360 degree viewing experience that can draw a crowd
    • Waterproof structure and electronics

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Our technology analyzes the electrical signal of music through an aux input, detects and measures the beat, and autonomously rotates through various animations that visualize different frequencies.


We aim to bring people a new form of musical entertainment where any song can easily become a hyper-responsive light show.

We've brought synesthetic experiences to

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Catharsis On The Mall
Studio 52
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DNA Lounge


Created for music lovers who enjoy experiencing songs from the comfort of their home.

    • 8.7″ diameter x 4.0” depth portal to the next dimension
    • 968 LEDs that create an expansive array for panelized art
    • Top of the line mirrors used to create an infinite tunnel effect
    • Wall mount or table stand capable

The Beta program is launching in Spring 2021! Limited spots are available!

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Our full site is still in development. Please visit our Instagram page @diod.design for more pictures and videos of our products.

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