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We make music a multi-sensory experience, because your music deserves to be seen.

Here's our most exciting installation yet

For businesses and individuals, our technology will transform your space in to a synesthetic experience.

If you want music-visualizing LEDs, we want to work with you! Check out our Instagram to see what we’ve built before, and please feel free to start the conversation by sending us a message on IG or emailing!

Check out our Instagram page to see what we've built

Thank you for visiting my website! Let me tell you about why I started this company.

I believe, and I’m not alone, that music is such a fundamental aspect of both our singular lives and society as a whole. We’ve been making it and listening to it for thousands of years, but for some reason, we still don’t watch our music. And I’m trying to change that.

You see, music is often used to get us through various activities, but it’s rarely our singular focus outside of live concerts. It’s hard to be fully present with it because to begin with, your eyes want something to do. Some people fall in to a blank stare, and some people sit in darkness.

But a music-visualizer will instantly make you fully present, as you connect the whole range of audible frequencies to what you’re seeing, in every moment in time.

It is my mission to spread this technology as far as speakers, and I hope one day, you will get to see your music.

On our Infinity Room Installation named Beatbox:

“People don’t really know what they’re getting into, but when they see what’s inside, they’ll wave over their friends. [They] come out saying it was a great experience.”